Do You Really Need An LMS?

Are you ready for eLearning, but can’t afford an LMS? 

The world of the LMS can be a lot. There are countless options, a crowded market space, and it can get expensive

The GOOD NEWS is that you might not need an LMS after all. 

Have you considered an eLearning platform? 

An eLearning platform houses your eLearning, just like an LMS. The difference is that an LMS was created specifically to manage learning. 

But do you really need everything an LMS has to offer? Consider what YOU want from the home of your eLearning. 

What data do you need? 

Most people are drawn to an LMS because it tracks learner data. This means that you’ll know how each learner is performing and be able to track their progress. 

While an LMS tracks learner data, an eLearning platform tracks engagement data. 

This means that you can customize what data you need and what options you would like to offer your learners. 

With engagement data, you can track course completion, discussion boards, and activities. You can gamify activities using a point system and score and track assessments. When a course is complete or along the way, you can include badging and certificates for your learners. 

How do you want learners to access your eLearning? 

With an eLearning platform, your content will be protected and accessible to learners of your choice.

You can customize how your learners will access their eLearning – an access code, a log in, or you can keep the content open and available to anyone. 

Learners will also be able to access their eLearning anytime, from anywhere, and on any device, which makes eLearning flexible enough to work around any learner’s schedule. 

How many learners will you have? 

This is a big question when you’re looking at an LMS because the cost of an LMS will increase for each user you have. 

Are you expecting a lot of learners? Are you unsure how many learners you’ll have? 

The cost of eLearning platforms is untied to your learner count, which means you can have as many (or as few) learners as you need for each eLearning experience.

Make Learning Dignified. 

Every eLearning experience needs a home. Let’s discover together how to create the affordable eLearning platform of your dreams. 

Let’s get started.

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