eLearning Made Just For You!

Have you ever been in training and wondered: “Why am I here?” or “How does this affect me?”  

It can be frustrating. And when this happens, it can feel disrespectful — like your time has been wasted

The REALITY is that to cultivate buy-in for eLearning, each eLearning experience must be CUSTOMIZED to directly meet the needs and goals of each learner. 

Rather than suffer through a generic online course, custom eLearning experiences are designed for specific learners.

How can you create customized eLearning experiences? 

Customized means that both the information and the way that the information is presented is specific, relevant, and accessible to the learner. It means that the presented information is meaningful and directly connects to the learners’ tasks and roles in an organization. 

So how can you ensure that an eLearning experience is customized at every level? 

To evaluate customized eLearning, Dignified Learning examines each eLearning experience through the five lenses of eLearning: platform, information, time, assessments, and feedback

🔎Let’s take a closer look at customization through each lens.

Have you included platform features that specifically serve your organization? 

The platform is where a learner will access their eLearning experiences, and it is the first place where learners will experience customization. There are many opportunities to customize an eLearning platform, but what specific options do you have? What should you consider when determining what your learners need?

Do learners need their progress to be documented? Do completed learners need a certificate?

The more information you have about the organization’s goals and your learners’ needs, the more you can customize the home of eLearning with the tools and features learners will need.

How does a learning experience remain flexible to individual time restraints?

Everyone’s schedule is different. Schedules depend on professions, responsibilities, personal commitments, and more. When customizing an eLearning experience, what questions should we consider in order to create an experience that is respectful of a learner’s time and schedule

When learners have the flexibility to dedicate time around their busy schedules to eLearning, they’ll be more likely to dedicate their full attention to the information, rather than just rush through to completion. 

How does information align with organizational goals?

Sometimes information can be generic

You have the information. You know what the organization wishes to accomplish. How can we customize the information so that all information is directed toward achieving desired outcomes?

An organization’s learning goals are the reasons WHY eLearning is created; they are the purpose of each eLearning experience. 

As you select information, always ask yourself: “How will this information help reach the learning goals?”

How have you considered the diverse perspective of each learner and professional role?

What does each learner need to know or do after completing their eLearning experience? How can we customize assessments so that specific skills are practiced as they relate to each professional role?

Assessments are an opportunity for learners to practice the information presented. Customized assessments consider a learner’s role and daily tasks to present a relevant situation in which a learner would have to apply the information they have learned in order to respond appropriately. 

How does feedback connect to each learner’s needs?

When assessments are application-based and specific to learners’ professional roles, feedback must be as well. 

If assessments are for practice, feedback is for reinforcement. Ensuring that your feedback is specific to learners and prepared to address common misconceptions is critical to creating constructive feedback. 

Make Learning Dignified. 

Dignified Learning creates eLearning experiences that are customized to meet the needs of each learner and organization. Customization happens through each of the five lenses of eLearning, so any experience can be transformed or designed from the ground up just for you. 

Imagine all the possibilities of Dignified eLearning.

Let’s get started.

🚀 Schedule your complimentary 30-minute consulting session with a learning strategist to talk through the learning experience of your dreams. Let’s explore what we can do together. 

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