Where Will Your eLearning Live?

Once you’ve imagined the perfect eLearning experience for your learners, it’s time to determine where your eLearning should live.  

An eLearning platform is the home for your online content. It’s where your learners will access their learning experience… but what type of “home” do you need? Are you looking for a small temporary space or to build a custom home for your learners? 

There are many options for eLearning platforms and with all of the technological jargon, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but you’re not alone in this process

We’ve outlined our most commonly asked questions about eLearning platforms. We hope to shed light on how to find the best home for your eLearning

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How do I know if I need an eLearning platform?

Every eLearning engagement needs a home. There are different types of homes or eLearning platforms. Dignified Learning can help you determine which online platform best supports the needs of your learners and your organization

What’s the difference between an LMS and an eLearning Platform?

Think of an LMS (or Learning Management System) as a house — the most popular type of home or eLearning platform that is designed to manage the learning process. The most basic eLearning platforms serve the primary purpose of hosting content, while LMS systems include data on learner performance, gradebooks, and other features.

An LMS is a popular platform for eLearning because it is built specifically to manage learning. It supports eLearning in a way that is different from other eLearning platforms. 

With an LMS, 

  •  Course creators can upload eLearning courses. 
  •  Learners can easily log into, locate, and complete courses. 
  •  Administrators can assign courses and track learner progress. 

What eLearning platform services does Dignified Learning offer?

Dignified Learning will pair you with a Learning Strategist to collaborate with you and determine which online platform is the best fit for your organization. 

We offer four Dignified Learning Platform options you can choose from:

Option A | Custom-built website + Learning Management System (LMS)

    • Dignified Learning will build and manage a website for you that includes an LMS
    • Your organization’s website will link directly to this platform for easy learner access
      • Best for organizations that have specific security/access needs.
      • Completely custom built

Option B | Dedicated web page on Dignified Learning’s website and access to our LMS

    • Dignified Learning will create, host, and manage a web page for you on our website
    • You will have access to Dignified Learning’s LMS directly from the web page 
      • Best for organizations that need a house for their content
      • Learner logins & custom pages built just for your organization

Option C | Bridge Platform Subdomain 

    • Dignified Learning will create and manage a subdomain for you on Bridge (an LMS)
      • Best for data reporting & learner insights

Option D | LMS Consulting 

    • Dignified Learning will be your “personal shoppers” for the perfect LMS 
    • You will receive a 90-minute planning workshop, three individually selected LMS options, and corresponding platform demos for your team. 

No matter what your platform needs are, your Learning Strategist will help you make the best choice. 

Can I move my custom eLearning  to a new platform?

If you need to move your content to a new platform, you can do so anytime.

Your custom eLearning can be revised or updated when needed and moved from one platform to another based on your organizational needs. 

These requests can be built into your Custom Learning Plan in advance, or we can collaborate to find a Custom Revision Plan that works for you. 

Find a home for your eLearning. 

A course is not complete until it has a place to live. Let’s collaborate to find the best home for your eLearning! 

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Let’s get started.

Schedule your complimentary 30-minute consulting session with a learning strategist to explore your online platform options. 

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