What we do

Dignified Learning transforms information into custom eLearning experiences, designed to educate our clients’ communities (i.e employees, customers, volunteers, students).

Specific examples include mandatory compliance training (data privacy, diversity, etc.), professional development for staff, curriculum, and onboarding new customers and employees.

Based on proven pedagogical principles and brain-based research that focus on how individuals learn, Dignified Learning provides a more efficient and “dignified” learning experience, designed around the needs of the learner. eLearning experiences are accessible, application-based and designed to promote retention.


Company benefits Explanation


  •  International organization with over 100,000 families enrolled in healthcare benefits provided by the company
  • HR department couldn’t keep up with the number questions regarding their 401(k) plan and other benefits
  • The organizational leadership wanted to better communicate the retirement plans to workers across the world
Dignified Learning’s Custom Solution
  •  Met with the benefits provider directly
  • Captured all of the plan details and organized them into a short eLearning experience
  • Hosted the eLearning content
  • An email campaign and internal announcement was made
  • Workers rated the new training among the top educational resources available that the company offered

Software training rollout


  • Local organization with multiple shifts
  • Gathering all of the employees for a single software training is impractical
  • Hiring a trainer to work 1:1 was out of the budget
Dignified Learning’s Custom Solution
  • Met with company leadership to determine organizational goals with the software package
  • Worked with a software expert to create micro-trainings that addressed all of the needed learning objectives
  • Rolled out the new eLearning, complete with interactive screenshots and videos
  • Employees were able to quickly adopt the software
  • Department managers were able to be trained on the new software at the same place as the employees
  • Delivered in-depth training under budget
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