The Dignified Learning Senior Team

Emily Miller

Founding Partner with a Focus in Educational Philosophy

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of education, Emily is the co-founder of Dignified Learning. After receiving dual undergraduate degrees in history and secondary education, and a graduate degree in Literacy & Secondary Languages from the University of Cincinnati, she worked in public education as a school administrator, curriculum director, instructional coach, and teacher.

Wishing to make an even greater impact, she co-founded Dignified Learning. Alongside the Dignified team, Emily supports numerous businesses, schools, and nonprofits to create custom eLearning Experiences for learners of all ages and from all walks of life.

Matthew Worthen

Founding Partner With A Focus In Platform & Technology

Matthew has spent 16 years in public education, holding multiple positions such as IT Help Desk Support, Network Administration, Tech Coordinator, and CIO. He has also worked as a consulting resource for nonprofits throughout Ohio, further fueling his passion for education. 

As a co-founder, Matthew is committed to designing practical and user-friendly learning experiences that benefit all learners.

Nicole Steffan

Sr. Instructional Designer & Professional Educator

Nicole is a Senior Instructional Designer at Dignified Learning, where she applies an educational lens to the crafting of every eLearning experience. Nicole aims to share information that is relevant, meaningful, and respectful to all learners. After receiving a degree in English and a teaching license in Ohio and Kentucky, she spent time teaching in both traditional and nontraditional schools where she played a pivotal role in the creation of the curriculum aligned to state learning and testing standards. She redeveloped and aligned Credit Recovery assessments and structured curriculum to promote literacy development and fill academic gaps to meet individual student needs. Nicole also has experience teaching yoga in studios and community-centered groups informed her classroom teaching and provided a foundation for supporting students’ social emotional learning needs.

Her teaching experience with a vast group of learners informs the development of each custom eLearning experience.

Zach Katris

Sr. Learning Strategist

Zach is a Senior Learning Strategist for Dignified Learning. He is a licensed school administrator and teacher with over 10 years of celebrated experience in public education, having received his undergraduate degree in Sociology from John Carroll University and graduate degree in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Cincinnati. Most recently he was awarded the 2020 Project Excellence in Teaching award by the Area Progress Council.

In his professional experience, Zach found a growing need to tailor learning in a universal space that was accessible for each and every student. After joining Dignified Learning, his goal has been to support all learners in ensuring voice and choice in their learning experiences. 

Zach’s education and experiences have allowed him to uniquely connect with clients, understand their learning needs, and transform them into world-class eLearning!


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