6 Questions to Ask to Create a Dignified Learning Experience

 🤫  It’s no secret that most people dread training. 

We gather in a room and stare dully at a presentation or speaker until it’s acceptable to carry on with our day. We generally don’t give the training another thought — let alone apply what was presented. 

Training might be painful, but learning is joyful. 

Think back. Do you remember when learning was fun? Can you recall that organic feeling of curiosity or captivation when you experience something new? 

When we arrive at a training, our goal generally isn’t to learn; it’s simply to get through it. So how can we transform training to recapture the authentic joy of learning?

How can you make learning Dignified?

The foundation of a Dignified Learning experience rests on six pillars.

These pillars prioritize the learner’s needs through learning experiences that are respectful, relevant, customized, accessible, inclusive, and empowering

When a learning experience addresses all six of these qualities, both learners and their learning needs are prioritized, opening doors to authentic, joyful learning. 

👉 Let’s take a closer look at each of these six pillars. 

How can you make learning respectful?

Does your learner have a choice in how they engage in their learning experience? Is the learning experience designed to address exactly what the learners need? 

While learners are processing new information, they should feel as though their existing knowledge and expertise is valued and recognized.

In a learning experience that is respectful of learners, the learner and their needs are always the priorityThis means that each learning experience is crafted to meet learners where they are, and respect what they already know. 

How can you make learning relevant?

Can all learners explain in their own words WHY they are participating in the learning experience? Do learners understand HOW the information applies to them? 

What’s the point of sitting through a training if the information never feels like it pertains directly to you? A relevant learning experience means the information is clearly applicable to each learner’s role. 

How can you customize learning? 

Is the learning experience designed around the needs of your unique learners?

Every learner is different. Learning experiences are customized when information is presented in a way that is approachable and meaningful to your unique audience and their roles within an organization. 

How can you make learning accessible?

Can all learners access the information in the learning experience?

You want your learners and your organization to be successful, but learning can’t be successful if it is not accessible.

Whether  learners are new to technology, live with hearing or vision challenges, struggle with literacy, or have a specific disability, the learning experience should break down these barriers to create an accessible, joyful experience

How can learning be inclusive?

Can all learners engage in the learning experience in a way that honors their learning preferences?

Each person learns differently. For learning to be joyful, learning experiences must be  inclusive of each type of learner. Learning experiences are inclusive when information is presented in a variety of ways.

Information can be conveyed through video, text, audio, graphics, or even through different pathways to learning where your audience can take control of their learning experience by choosing which learning goals and experience best fits their needs. 

No matter how you prefer to absorb information, inclusive experiences will support your learning. 

How can you make learning empowering?

 Do learners leave the learning experience feeling confident to apply their new knowledge? 

It’s never enough to just present the information. For training to be effective, learners must be empowered to apply new knowledge to their daily tasks and roles. 

When learners are respected and information is adapted to meet their needs and learning goals, when learners can feel confident in their own understanding of new information, learning becomes joyful. Learning becomes dignified

Make Learning Dignified.

Training is painful, but learning is joyful. Make learning Dignified by grounding your learning experience with these six foundational pillars.  

Let’s get started.

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