How Can eLearning Enhance Engagement For Your In-Person Training?

Have you ever walked away from a training and immediately forgot most of what you thought you learned? 

For learners to apply information, they need time to process the information and practice the skills. That’s where eLearning can help.  

How can eLearning increase in-person engagement?

When your learners leave their in-person training, an eLearning component of the training can help reinforce the key concepts you want to express. 

This can be information in the form of a review video or an interactive and repeatable experience where learners can practice skills and concepts from the training. 

For example: A nonprofit organization can send volunteers home from a training with this eLearning scenario to help them practice navigating challenging conversations with potential prospects, or the nonprofit could provide learners access to this video so they can remind themselves how to prepare before speaking with a prospect. 

Consider what you want your learners to remember or what you want your learners to be able to do after your in-person training, and eLearning can provide the tools and resources to reinforce your key ideas long after your in-person training has ended.

Make Learning Dignified. 

Whether you wish to create eLearning experiences to support or replace your in person training, Dignified Learning creates eLearning experiences that are customized to meet your needs. 

Let’s get started.

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