Google Sheets

Google Sheets

Google Sheets

Six Months of Access

6 months of access


Welcome to the wonderful world of Google Sheets! Whether you’re just looking to explore the basics of creating a spreadsheet, or looking to reimagine how you maximize this spreadsheet tool, we invite you to join us on this learning adventure.

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eLearning Objectives:

Astronaut Explorers
Learning Objectives
Rocket Scientists
Learning Objectives
What is Google Sheets?
Define common terms & concepts pertaining to Google Sheets
Create & name a spreadsheet.
Enter data into a spreadsheet.
Format text: bold, italic, font, size, color, rotate.
Enter & Format Numbers.
Format cells using outline, color, wrap, & alignment.
Access a copy of the spreadsheet featured in this course.
Format numbers: $, %, accounting
Change the size of rows and columns.
Select entire row or columns.
Insert or Delete rows and columns.
Insert or Delete specific cells.
Analyze data using the sum formula.
Sort a data set based on one column.
Filter a data set to show a subset.
Find the average of a set of data.
Count the number of data points in a set.
Find the maximum and/or minimum value in a data set.
Determine the differences between relative & absolute cell references.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Beginner