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In this eLearning course, you can learn how to navigate your way through creating surveys, quizzes, and other similar tools to help you gather data. Collecting information has never been this accessible.

eLearning Pathways Explained:

eLearning Objectives:

Astronaut Explorers
Learning Objectives
Rocket Scientists
Learning Objectives
Login to Forms.
Access Forms.
Change the theme.
Add a basic question.
Make a response required.
Preview a Form.
Continue editing a Form.
Send a Form.
Email a Form.
Link a Form.
Embed a Form.
Create basic types of questions:
Multiple choice
Multiple select
Short answer, paragraphs
Dropdown responses
View responses.
View scoring.
Release scores.
Email scores to an individual or group.
Adjust settings.
Restrict access.
Limit responses.
Edit after submitting.
See summary & individual responses.
Create advanced questions such as:
Upload a file
Use a linear scale
Create multiple choice grids
Create checkbox grids
Add questions with answer in date or time form
View Summary Responses.
Delete a Form.
Print a Form.
Download a Form.
View feedback & scoring.
Interpret Data from Forms.
View Form responses in Sheets.
Share response results with others.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Beginner