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Google Docs

Google Docs

Six Months of Access

6 months of access


Welcome! Let’s explore the basics of Google Docs. Whether you’re just looking to explore creating basic documents, or looking to reimagine how to work collaboratively in a document, we’re here to help you navigate this new world.

eLearning Pathways Explained:

eLearning Objectives:

Astronaut Explorers
Learning Objectives
Rocket Scientists
Learning Objectives
-Create a new Google Doc.
-Locate Google Doc Templates.
-Create a Google Doc from your Google Drive
-Create a Blank Document
-Create a Document from a Template
-Format the font size.
-Format font types.
-Adjust font colors.
-Title your document.
-Setup margins & pages.
-Add headers & footers.
-Add page numbers.
-Insert images.
-Format images.
-Insert table.
-Add or delete columns / rows in tables.
-Insert chart.
-Provide feedback.
-Respond to comments.
-Mark comments as resolved.
-Share a Google Doc. through a link.
-Share a Google Doc through email.
-Adjust permissions on the doc you are sharing.
-Edit using spelling check tool.
-Edit using grammar check tool.
-Access dictionary tool.
-Organize your Google documents.
-Organize your Google folders.
-Prioritize a Document.
-Creating your own template.
-Inserting hyperlinks.
-Insert page breaks.
-Insert equations.
-Making a copy of a document.
-Rename the document.
-Save a new copy of your copied document.
-Access a previous version history of a document.
-Restore a shared document to a previous version.
-Adjust sharing options.
-Assign comments to specific individuals.
-Restrict edits as suggestions.
-Upload a Word document to Google docs.
-Work offline on a Google Doc.
-Format document accessibility.
-Use speech to text tool.
-Translate document to another language.
-Insert a table of contents.
-Make your table of contents link to your pages.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Beginner