Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Six Months of Access

6 months of access


Welcome to the wonderful world of Google Calendar! Whether you’re just looking to explore the basics of creating events or looking to reimagine how you maximize your productivity, join us on this learning adventure.

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Learning Objectives
Change your Calendar view.
Create & title an event.
Send invitation emails.
Get email notifications when guests RSVP.
Create new event, adding guests, & a Google Meet link.
Locate the link & phone numbers for Google Meet.
Add description to event.
Verify you’re scheduling the event on the appropriate calendar.
Share your calendar with others.
Adjust Calendar share permissions.
Email event guests directly in Calendar.
Print your Calendar.
Duplicate events.
Print a single event.
Copy an event to another Calendar.
Add Google Meet to an event.
Locate the link & the phone number to join Meet.
Join a Meet from a Google Calendar event or invite.
Create an event coordinating multiple calendars.
Add attachments to events from your Google Drive or device.
Create a repeating event.
Add attachments to an event.
Use the same Meet link for each repeating event.
Set timezone.
Decide who can view your calendar.
Control notifications.
Embed codes.
Add someone else’s calendar.
View multiple calendars at the same time.
Find a colleague’s calendar.
Adjust Calendar settings.
Adjust Calendar notifications.
Locate Calendar embed link.
Remove Calendar.
Apply & control out of office notifications.
Schedule Tasks in Calendar.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Beginner