Do you have dusty binders with good information or worn-out boring PowerPoints?

Do you want to transition to eLearning but not sure where to begin?

Do you need custom, on-demand training to cope with employee turnover?

Do you wish you had a better way to train remote workers?

Transform your information into a custom eLearning experience designed just for your team.

Get everyone on the same page & keep everyone on the same page.

Train your remote workforce.

Onboard new team members with ease.

Empower your team with relevant,
self-paced training.

Custom eLearning has never been easier

Step 1

Provide Your Content

Send us your PowerPoints, PDFs, Documents, Binders, and Packets.

Step 2


We make your custom course, which includes videos, activities, & graphics.

Step 3

Changes & Approval

Review your course and suggest changes.

Step 4

Deploy Your Course

Assign your new course to learners. (Team Members, Volunteers, New Hires, etc.)


"Until we worked with Dignified Learning, I never imaged that we'd be able to afford custom eLearning for our team."
DL _ January Webinar_ Master Slide Deck (17)
-Nonprofit Director
"Dignified Learning has been a game-changer for us. Without them, we never could have transitioned to remote training."
-Program Director
"Dignified Learning provides you with a refreshing glimpse of everything training can be-- and should be!"
-Dignified Learner

Let's Get Started!

Your team deserves a Dignified Learning experience.

Stop struggling & start believing it's possible to provide engaging, effective, custom eLearning.

Be the Hero.

Train your learners anytime, from any device, anywhere in the world. 

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