Frequently Asked Questions
(and their answers)

What LMS options do I have?

Your custom eLearning can be stored in your organization’s LMS or you can choose one of Dignified Learning’s LMS platforms. We help our clients choose what is best for them.

Can I become a content contributor?

We are looking for the right partners to build Dignified Learning experiences. If you have a course idea or an area of expertise to share, please email us at:

Who contributes to Dignified Learning's content?

We have a wonderful team of curriculum strategists, content contributors, instructional designers, teachers, IT staff and many more!

Custom eLearning FAQs

How do I know if I’m a good fit for Clone Your Rock Star?

While we cannot clone personality traits, we can help you identify & replicate successful processes, work roles, work responsibilities.

Please contact at for a complimentary consulting meeting to determine if your needs align with our Clone Your Rock Star program.

Am I a good fit for Mission Control?

If you have experience designing training, managing an LMS, or a very clear vision of how you want training to be developed, Mission Control will likely fit your needs. However, if you need support with developing a curriculum framework or digitizing training experiences, our team is always here to support you with custom consulting options!

Can I edit a course after it has been published?

Absolutely! Our team is happy to assist you with course revisions & updates after a course has been published. These revisions can be built into your custom plan in advance. Or, when you’re ready for revisions, you can purchase a Custom Revision Plan developed (& priced) to fit your needs!

My organization is small &/or on a limited budget. Will custom eLearning be affordable?

We will work with you to build an affordable custom eLearning solution. The best way to ensure we meet your needs is to share your budget with us. We will respect this budget & make design recommendations to allow you to get the most value for your investment.

e-Learning Store FAQs


How do I access a purchased course?

Click on "Login & Command Center" at the top of the page. Your username is the email address you used to purchase the course.


Can I purchase a course for others?

Yes! Please email us at: with the course name and the quantity. We will send a quote for your review. Once approved, we will load all of your learners and send instructions on how to get started.
Please Note: Group pricing is available if you’re interested in purchasing training courses for your team.


What technical requirements are needed to access a course?

All Pre-built Dignified Learning experiences are web-based. No special software is required. An internet connection is required for the experience to load and progress. We recommend using the most updated version of Google Chrome. However, most web browsers are compatible. Most courses include videos and audio. Speakers/headphones are recommended. Courses are viewable on computers, tablets, & smartphones.


How long do I have access to a course after it has been purchased?

Most courses will be available for 30 days after purchase. Courses can be purchased for longer periods of time. Email us at: for more information.


How many times can I take/retake a course?

You may view a course as many times as you’d like while you have access.